Using predictive hiring analytics to make better placement decisions.


We help you mitigate talent risk and put people in a position to win.

We’ve all been there. Hours spent scouring resumes, interviewing, calling references, studying qualifications, background checking, preparing offers, and finally the onboarding. Then, just months later, comes the gut-wrenching realization that you made the wrong call. Your new hire was a “B Player” who interviewed well but doesn’t perform.

Studies continue to demonstrate that turnover costs can be many multiples of the position’s annual salary, to say nothing of the stress and opportunity costs. Promoting from within can be just as treacherous as top-performers in one role can fail catastrophically in the next.

Can human behavioral data and analytics put an end to the perennial frustration of mis-hiring and mis-appropriation of human capital? With the right data and expertise, absolutely!

The output of our predictive behavioral analytics is like a Performance X-Ray. It describes the potential hire’s behaviors before they join your team and prescribes exactly how to effectively place your talent to achieve greater results than ever before.


We begin by analyzing the requirements of the position being filled. By leveraging decades of work conducted by our Ph.D. researchers on the highest performers in various leadership positions across industries, we choose or custom-build a benchmark for the position and your company culture. This process helps you:

  • Identify critical aspects of the position to create a highly reliable job match target
  • Focus on just the relevant behavioral data from the candidate and peer describers
  • Precisely match the position to the right candidate’s unique behavioral makeup
  • Benchmarks your candidates against the best of the best in their area of specialization


We then generate behavioral data on your candidates. Many popular assessments categorize people into 4 or 16 categories. Our powerful, but easy-to-use, Flippen Profile, a statistically validated 360° assessment instrument has over 1,000,000 possible combinations, providing a perspective that’s unmatched in the field of psychometrics. Our process helps you:

  • Determine the candidate’s strengths and optimal placement attributes
  • Identify behavioral constraints that will inhibit job performance
  • Assess the degree of culture match and fit on your team



Your consultant will conduct an in-depth debrief on your candidates, providing profound insight into each candidate’s key strengths and the critical behavioral constraints likely to hold them back. For the chosen candidate, a customized individual growth is developed with  strategic tweaks to propel them to even greater heights of success. This process helps you:

  • Emphasize the candidate’s strongest job motivators and demotivators
  • Compare the candidate’s behavior patterns to existing employees on the team
  • Ensure their supervisor’s understanding of the candidate’s internal wiring
  • Know which behavioral traits need tweaked from day one
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Using predictive hiring analytics to make better placement decisions.

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