Applying Science to the Art of Building High-Performing Teams.

HOW we optimize teams

We help you overcome the behaviors that hinder team performance.

Here’s a thought-provoking question. Can you honestly look at your team, with all that talent, and say you’ve made the most of all their potential? What’s the cost to your organization of a sub-optimized team, whether through turnover, low morale, poor productivity, or lost profits?

Even your strongest teams can perform better. Here’s how we can help.

We combine the science of customized team behavioral analytics with the art of engaging your team in transformational workshops, all supported by intentional follow-up processes to maintain your team’s momentum.

Now, you can identify the seemingly “invisible” behaviors in your team that hinder performance and know exactly how to overcome them all.


We begin by generating objective, relevant team behavioral data. Our powerful, but easy-to-use, Flippen Profile, a statistically validated 360° assessment instrument provides a deep dive into each team member’s internal wiring. We then overlay the team’s individual data to identify opportunities for improvement. This process helps you:

  • Clarify your organization’s unique goals and current needs
  • Absorb in-depth analyses of the individuals on your team
  • Fully understand each person’s unique added value to your team
  • Identify disconnects or gaps between your team members
  • Leverage customized team behavioral diagnostic reports

2. engage

Our workshops are different than anything you’ve ever experienced. Since time is your scarcest commodity, we hit the ground running, providing concrete, practical takeaways while having lots of fun in a highly entertaining context. This process helps you:

  • Achieve team breakthroughs through interactive learning experiences
  • Address team hotspots that lead to conflict and underperformance
  • Discover powerful insights into untapped potential for team synergy
  • Introduce a vocabulary to describe team member similarities and differences
  • Integrate both team and individual personal growth plans


3. follow-up

We stick. So many team and leadership development processes come and go, which is why we insist on providing services that sustain themselves. Only a disciplined focus on what people do each day and how they work together, will create lasting, improved performance. This process helps you:

  • Craft a long-term plan of action for team-wide behavioral change
  • Drive momentum through 1-on-1 coaching and group offerings
  • Identify and support internal champions of team behavioral change
  • Create sustainable business results through your team
  • Ensure team progress toward your organization’s goals
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