Flippen Profile™

Gain profound, predictive insights into people’s behavior patterns.


Leaders may have good intuition and even administer personality assessments, but still find they’re missing important insights into people’s unique behavioral makeup.


Our powerful but easy-to-use Flippen Profile, an assessment administered online in just 15 minutes, offers profound insights into behaviors and internal wiring. Many popular personality assessment tools categorize people into 4, or sometimes 16, categories. Our statistically validated 360-degree assessment has more than 1,200,000 possible combinations of behavior.


  • Celebrate and leverage your natural, innate style.
  • Recognize behavior patterns you’ve never noticed before.
  • Increase awareness of how you relate to others.
  • Better understand the “whys” behind surface behaviors.
  • Develop new inspiration to grow past limiting behaviors.
  • Sharpen and strengthen your personal identity.
  • Embrace new truths about yourself.
  • Open yourself up to helpful feedback and coaching from others.
  • Chart a practical path toward self-improvement.
  • Gain insight into reasons for conflict with others.
  • Develop new behaviors aligned with personal and professional goals.
  • Experience freedom from the negative impact of constraints.


The Flippen Profile is a complex, statistically validated 360-degree assessment that pinpoints behavioral characteristics and predicts future behavior and performance. The instrument combines a user’s self-assessment with multiple 360-degree assessments by colleagues, integrating all perspectives into a proprietary report that catalyzes personal growth when combined with coaching.

The Flippen Profile was developed from psychological techniques and measures that have been validated and researched. At its core, the profile is based on item-response theory that derives its initial calculations from an extensive checklist of descriptors. For the user, this procedure is completely nontechnical and does not require any specialized knowledge, with most people taking 10 to 15 minutes to complete the instrument.

For each of the scales, it is determined which indicative words were endorsed and which contraindicative words were endorsed. These are then used to determine a raw score for each scale, and the raw scores are individually standardized to obtain standard scores. To determine standardization values, a normative sample of almost 10,000 highly diversified individuals was utilized.

Over 30 leadership behavior constructs are isolated and quantified, with a detailed measure of each behavior on a continuum as opposed to a high/low, present/absent, or quadrant model such as most personality groupings. With hundreds of millions of different combinations possible in the core data, the depth and complexity virtually ensures that each user’s unique behavioral “fingerprint” can be captured.

Specific statistical targets can be created, combining custom data from an organization with our extensive database of high-performing individuals across the world. We have data on the best of the best in virtually every industry, whether education, non-profits, corporations, sports, or the military.

Extensive validity and reliability research has been performed by internal and external analysts, including Ph.D. statisticians and industrial-organizational psychologists. The overall findings include several types of validity and reliability outcomes:

  1. Criterion-related validity was verified through predictive performance studies consisting of Bonferonni-corrected significance correlations using parametric bootstrap regression analyses along with factor analysis.
  2. Construct-related validity was shown by way of low construct-irrelevant variance along with intra-measure convergent and discriminant validity.
  3. Content-related validity evidence was demonstrated through role-based targets and appropriate weightings, ensuring that only the behavioral constructions that are deemed to be important and critical are retained and incorporated.
  4. The instrument has been shown to have low social-desirability response bias, thus mitigating the possibility and risk of users being able to falsify responses to ensure positive results.
  5. Reliability analyses were also completed that demonstrated internal consistency through Cronbach coefficient alphas along with test-retest correlations.

We have had extensive legal and human resource professional reviews to assure EEOC compliance in line with best practices in the assessment industry. The Flippen Profile has a spotless legal history, illustrating the depth of due diligence performed. The instrument is a valid, reliable tool that has vast application, and can be used with a high level of confidence that it will measure what it claims to measure.

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