Hiring Solutions™

Narrow down candidates, pick the right fit for you team, and avoid the disruption of a mis-hire.


No leader wants to hire the wrong person for a job. Making a bad hire today means finding a replacement candidate sooner rather than later, consuming time, energy, and huge sums of money.


Quickly and accurately assess candidates even before you interview them. With Hiring Solutions, you can study a remarkably precise description of a candidate’s behavioral patterns rather than just relying on a glowing reference or interview.

When you do hire, you’ll  know from day one exactly how to maximize your new employee’s potential. Hiring Solutions will pinpoint the strengths to leverage, as well as any ineffective behavior patterns that, if left unaddressed, would hinder performance.

Our Hiring Solutions process leverages behavioral science to help you bring the right people into your team and quickly integrate them into their roles and your culture.


  • Obtain insight into how well a candidate fits an exact role.
  • Be able to see through “smokescreens” in interviews and references.
  • Find people who match the culture you are trying to build.
  • Receive an extensive list of each candidate’s strengths.
  • Understand constraints that would likely hinder performance if left unaddressed.
  • Pinpoint key motivators and demotivators for each candidate.


Our methodology is proven to help you determine the best candidate for the position, your culture, and the team. We can help you build your bench strength, by identifying prospects with high potential for future leadership positions.

Candidates submit an online, statistically validated 360-degree assessment called the Flippen Profile, which combines their self-profile with input from several colleagues and benchmarks the candidates against the best of the best. We have extensive research on the highest performers in various leadership positions across industries, and our Ph.D. researchers can even build benchmarks customized to your culture or a specific position.

After the Flippen Profile data has been gathered, a consultation is scheduled with a senior Flippen Group advisor for an in-depth debrief, providing insight into your candidate’s key strengths, critical behaviors or constraints that can hold them back, and information that can help you onboard them more quickly. Because our process integrates hiring and development, each of your new hires can begin on day one with a personal development plan in place.


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“I have spearheaded the Flippen Group’s assessment work with three different organizations because I can’t find another group with an assessment that matches theirs. The insight they glean is stunning and gives us amazing clarity…I will never use another assessment tool.”

Sharon Parker
Vice President, People
Pegasus Logistics Group