Team Intensive™

Leverage your team’s unique behavioral makeup to amplify productivity and business results.


Building trust and addressing contention, developing and leveraging potential, and skillfully navigating organizational changes demand the best of any team. Your goal as a leader is to optimize your team to face and overcome these challenges.


Team Intensive equips leaders with an in-depth understanding of their own behavioral leadership DNA – their strengths, their core needs, their internal biases and their unique behavioral constraints. Each leader develops a customized action plan that amplifies their ability to perform. In addition, our coaches provide concrete tips on how to optimize interactions with others.

Our Team Intensive is different than anything you’ve ever experienced. Since time is your scarcest commodity, we hit the ground running, providing concrete, actionable team takeaways in a fun and interactive context.


  • Break down barriers through engaging learning experiences.
  • Address team hotspots that lead to conflict and underperformance.
  • Discover powerful insights into untapped potential.
  • Introduce a helpful behavioral taxonomy to describe and effectively address issues that arise from team member similarities and differences.
  • Integrate team and individual growth plans.


Focused on aligning leadership behavior with the business strategy of your organization, day one of Team Intensive is an interactive group session with three major deliverables:

  • First, executives leave with profound personal insight, channeled into a customized, behavioral action plan, known as a TrAction Plan.
  • Second, the leadership team understands how their behavior connects with and impacts the rest of the team.
  • Third, the group will develop a mutually agreed upon set of behaviors, called a social contract.

Following the one-day group session, the consultant will stay for a second day to meet individually with participants. These sessions:

  • Help each participant unpack their Flippen Profile data.
  • Provide participants a greater understanding of how their strengths and constraints impact not only their performance, but that of their colleagues.
  • Enable participants to further refine their TrAction Plan.

In addition, the Flippen consultant will conduct a two-hour meeting with the organization’s senior leader to:

  • Conduct an individual coaching session.
  • Provide an in-depth analysis of the Leadership Team Report based on a roll-up of the team’s Flippen Profile data.
  • Analyze the strengths and constraints of the team.
  • Establish follow-up and accountability processes that will ensure lasting change.
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of the senior leader that are critical to moving the process forward.

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“Within 6 months of applying these concepts in only a portion of the organization, it has the impact of increasing our sales by over $100M per year.”

Kelvin Coppock
Vice President & Director of Program Mgmt, Systems Division
ITT Industries