People represent the greatest investment opportunity in any government agency or organization. They’re also the greatest challenge for leaders.

Over the last 25 years, we’ve advanced the art and science of optimizing team performance in our work with some of the largest state and federal government agencies and organizations in the world. Our behavioral analytics tools, combined with expert coaching, help government leaders solve the complex people issues that make serving in the public sector challenging.

We combine a passion for people with scientific research to build teams into models of achievement and amplify their transformational impact on government agencies and organizations.

Our Solutions

Simple to implement, but profound in their impact.

The process of optimizing your team begins with understanding your needs and obtaining behavioral data on the team using the Flippen Profile. Through group workshops and 1-on-1 coaching sessions, your team develops customized action plans to leverage individual and team strengths while also breaking constraints. We craft a series of brief, customized follow-up workshops and gradually empower your organizational leaders to champion these processes internally.

Team Intensive

Leverage your team’s unique behavioral makeup to drive results

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Team Momentum

Drive your team’s behavioral change process with ongoing consulting support

Read About Team Momentum

Leadership Coaching

Professional and personal development for senior executives

Read About Leadership Coaching

Hiring Solutions

Leverage a scientific process for selecting and integrating winning talent

Read About Hiring Solutions

Flippen Profile

Gain profound, predictive insight into the behavior patterns of people

Read About Flippen Profile

EXCEL Scorecard

Automate peer feedback on team behavior patterns and attitudes

Read About EXCEL Scorecard

TrAction Plan

Customize a growth plan to maximize strengths and mitigate constraints

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Develop a personal growth plan with this interactive, web-based system

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